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These Winter Boots should not miss in your closet

Feb 17, 2021

Women and their shoes! This is an inseparable match that goes for a long time and somehow has grown into a well-known perception. There is something captivating about nice shoes. Women adore them and they spend a fortune on shoes. As each season brings new trends, there is always something new to be bought. From flats to mid-heels and high-heels, there are so many different types of shoes that make the choice of every woman harder and harder.

As soon as the winter and the colder days come, the shoe collection changes in the same way as the wardrobe. From flip flops and sandals, the winter shoe options usually involve wearing boots. Boots are the most popular women's winter shoe option because they come in durable and strong fabrics that keep the feet warm during low temperatures. The fashion industry has invested a lot in providing women with different types of boots that will satisfy different tastes and preferences.

However, whether the trends change or not, there are several types of winter boots that never go out of style and simply every woman needs to have them. If you were wondering what to add to your winter boot collection, this guide will help you out and inspire you to go shopping. And here is why:

All-time favorite Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens are the type of boots that never go out of style. Its popularity has been present for a long time, and the fashion and the footwear industry have accepted these boots as one of the must-haves. What makes them so popular is their reliability. As they never go out of style, they can add a certain dose of grunge to any outfit. Their signature look features a thick sole and hard-wearing leather, making them perfect for the colder season, especially when the snow starts falling. They come in all possible colors making them more fashionable than ever, and as for the styling, they look best styled with skinny jeans and a long puffer coat!

(Source: Zalando)

Animal Print boots

Season after season, the fashion trends bring some new animal print that is going to be trendy. However, these prints change frequently, and if you think deeper, you will recognize that the snakeskin or the Croco print never goes out of style. They always come back in some new refreshed version, but they are constantly present. As part of the footwear, the animal print delivers unmatched chic and sophistication that speaks of a highly fashion-aware person. The animal print boots come in different heel heights, and booth height so pick some of the classics that will go a long way – like a calf-height and medium-high heel in beige snakeskin print. 

  (Source: Glam Rada / Sparkle Sand Shoes)

Cowboy boots

Just like the animal print boots, the cowboy boots trend comes and goes. Although they might look more of spring or autumn choices, the new versions of the cowboy boots come with soft and warm inside that makes them the perfect winter choice. They are made of strong and durable leather and water-repellent fabric that holds the signature cowboy stitching, knee-height, and signature heel. As for the color, black or brown are the best and most suitable choice. 

 (Source: Candie Anderson / Tools 2 Tiaras)

Over-knee flat boots

These might be one of the most common and popular choices among girls and women. They usually come in suede or leather, and there are so many different colors that make the choice very hard. The toe of these boots can be pointy, round, or square, all depending on personal preference. Over-knee height is very interesting because it provides an elongating effect on the leg, and additionally keeps the legs warm in winter. These are the type of boots that every woman should own in her closet and their styling is easy and fashionable. 

(Source: Petite Side of style)

Ankle Boots

The ankle boots are a classy and comfortable choice, not to mention fashionable and much-needed one. The beauty of ankle boots comes to form the many styling possibilities that make them suitable for different smart and casual outfits. The difference between the various ankle boots comes in the height of the heel and well as the toe. Popular winter choices are the thin high heel ankle boots, the flat ankle boots, and the mid-height heel ankle boots. Each of them comes in many different fabrics, but leather is the most common winter choice. 

(Source: The Hearts Delight / Peter Hahn)


The wellies are simply must-have winter boots and they will come in handy on more occasions than you might expect. The water-repellent fabric and the shiny finish make the wellies a suitable winter boot, and some even are great for the show too. Walking in wellies is super easy and comfortable, not to mention that the feet are safe from the water so you can easily enjoy the rainy weather. The fashionable choices today present the wellies in many different colors, from light pink to classic black, with different accessories like bows, straps, belts, etc. The wellies are usually flat, with a mid-high sole and the height of the boot itself can reach the ankle, the calf, or the knees. 

(Source: Pinterest)

Furry UGG boots

UGG boots are known for their impeccable comfortability and signature look that can be recognized from afar. The round toe, the flat sole, and the furry inside deliver a perfect winter boot that resembles the look from a home boot slippers. They come in so many different colors and additional details, making them completely feminine and cool. The top of the boot is quite wide which makes the styling pretty easy. Some even wear it with sweatpants tucked in, which speaks of the unique and versatile styling options. 

(Source: Pinterest)

These are some of the winter boots choices that every woman should own in her closet. They are pretty timeless and classic and can easily be worn every winter. Every new edition of these boots comes improved and refreshed so there is truly no miss when it comes to these choices – they should be a part of every women's shoe closet. 


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