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Why every woman should own a trench coat?

Mar 10, 2021

The fashion history and the market itself are full and rich with some of the most unique pieces the tell history, fashion, and style, all in one. One such piece is the famous trench coat. Through the entire world, and the constant changes of the fashion trends and styles, the trench coat has remained and is popular for its functionality. It has been one of the rare permanent garments for the last 100 years. The cut and the length of the popular trench coat have changed through the years. Today, the classic trench coat is going back to its origins. The most desired and fabulous ones are the vintage designs that come from almost a century ago and their demand is quite huge. The trench coat has been that one classic garment that puts an inexplicable beauty to any woman that owns it and wears it. 

The history of the trench coat goes back to the past and it has military origins. This garment was mainly designed for the soldiers in the Boer War. It was made as water-repellent and would also keep the body warm. At that time, the trenches would only be worn by the men. However, as the popularity of this garment was recognized b the fashion industry, it was Thomas Burberry who decided and gave it a try to modify it a female’s garment too. That was the moment in his career that made him famous and the garment a timeless piece. Since then, the Burberry trench coat has become a synonym for the best trench coat on the market. 

The style of the classic trench coat did not change very much during the years, which is what exactly makes it a must-have piece. Its overall look has remained more or less the same because it was perceived as a good investment as well as a long-lasting piece. The classic trench coat has few notable characteristics: it comes with double breasting at the front, has six or ten buttons, a single vent that is created fr easier movement, raglan relaxed sleeves, shoulder tabs, and a belt. 

(Source: GoFeminin)

Today, there are lots of variations and different looks in which the trench coat comes. Although some are not remotely similar to the classic trench they are still called that way because of the style of the coat. Women, in particular, adore this garment because it combines style, beauty, and looks all in one. It an outerwear piece that is most commonly worn in the spring and autumn, because those are the seasons when it is not to called but quite rainy. 

The fashion market today offers all kinds of trenches. They come in different colors, lengths, and prints. The choice, however, comes down to personal style, preference, and of course, the budget. For those who can afford a classic trenchcoat, the best choice are the Burberry trenches, which are also considered investment pieces. As mentioned above, their style and popularity never change, and they only gain in value. The color of those trenches should be either the popular beige or navy. These are the two colors that are considered neutrals, yet still very elegant and can easily be styled with all kinds of different clothes. The navy is the perfect night choice, while the beige is great for day occasions. Another important thing to pay attention to when getting a trench coat is the length. The length of the trench must flatter your figure, which means that you need to choose between a short or a long trench coat. The long trench coat length is the one that goes below your knees, right up to your ankles. The short versions come above the knees. Depending on the height and the body shape, the length should be properly chosen so that It could flatter the body and deliver the best possible look. 

For those who are looking to add some color to their outerwear, the trench also comes in interesting shades of pink, green, blue. The pink color palette delivers the trench coat in dusty rose, baby pink, and others, it is a soft, warm, and feminine choice, very adored by the women. The pastel tones are really amazing. The green trenches are not a very common but interesting choice for those who want to make a statement with their outerwear piece. The mint version in particular has been quite popular and trending. It is a hue that delivers a perfect balance between the warm and the cold tones and can easily be styled. Similar in popularity are the blue trenches, especially referring to the pastel and electric blue shades. They are also a great choice for flaunting a colorful look. 

With so many different options, the trench coat is one of the pieces that every woman should own. It styles very easily which makes it great for all different kinds of occasions. It can also be worn with different types of footwear, everything from sneakers to boots and heels. The newest fashion trends show the it-girls and the fashionistas wearing their branded trench coats with stylish tracksuits, sweatshirts, and leggings. This only speaks of the popularity of the piece that can so effortlessly be paired and matched in many different fashion styles. So, if sometimes you have the means to splurge, be sure to get yourself a classic trench coat. It will surely be the investment of your life and you can even pass it on from generation to generation. 

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