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Top reasons why I spent less money on Clothing in 2019 even though I was having a higher income

Aug 03, 2020

Have you ever really thought about your purchasing behavior for new items you buy? For me, there was a point in my life where I just bought whatever I felt like having. This should not sound over the top, I'm not terribly wealthy, I just thought that I can purchase whatever I want because I am also working very hard in order to do so. However, I realized that many of the purchases I was doing for new fashion items, did not keep me very happy for a long time. In order to avoid purchasing stuff that is making me happy on the spot but are not keeping me happy for long, I tried to reflect what my favorites clothing pieces are meaning to me. There is a handful of items I keep wearing over and over even though I might have new and different clothes in my closet. But why? 

Are we having this in common? Are you just purchasing stuff because you like it or are you buying it consciously? Did you spend more, or less money in purchasing new stuff in the last couple of weeks or month? How often are you getting new fashion items generally? 

Reading those questions, I realized, that in mid 2019, something must have changed in the way I thought about fashion and its influence in my purchasing decisions. It took me quite a while to figure out what it was, as I did not earn less money, in fact my income was increasing substantially, so this was not the reason. 

Analyzing my behavior towards clothes, in the first step, I had a look at everything I purchased in the last couple of months. After completing the list of every item, I was not surprised by the fact, that one of the biggest chunks of money I spent was on SNEAKRS. However, to have a realistic view of the amount of clothing I was buying, am deducting the money spent on sneakers from this equation, as I would describe myself as a collector of limited edition sneakers rather than seeing them as an item I am actively wearing with my day to day outfits. 

Not surprising at all, the next big chunk of money I spend was for jackets and hoodies, as in general those items are pricier than others. Last but not least, even though I was buying much less than in the last couple of years, the items I bought most in 2019 were designer T-shirts. 

Having had a closer look at the items I purchased, an interesting finding was, that almost all new pieces were from the same handful of brands and designers only. 

After summarizing how much money I have been spending in total for new products, I was categorizing the items in different buckets and brands. This helped me discovering three mind-blowing findings how my purchasing behavior changed and why I spend less money on clothing while having a higher income. 

1. The Story behind the Brand / Designer  

Are you interested in the story behind a brand or designer? Have you ever been thinking why a designer does the things the way he/she is doing it? Well, I have to admit that I really didn't care about the story in the past.  

However, that changed in early 2019 when I was starting to really understand fashion in a more detailed way. Since then, I my goal is to understand why designers are doing and planning the things around new collections and pieces the way they do it. To me, it is really outstanding how creative these people are. I love to be taken on a journey, and in trying to understand, read and watch articles or videos about the visions of a designer, I am really able to join their journey. Actually, already back in 2016, I was watching the story of Jeremy Scott, the designer of Moschino. However, I was watching it like watching a regular daily soap episode. I just could not feel it, hence I was not able to jump on Jeremys.  

The eye-opening moment for me, was thanks to Virgil Abloh. I really tried to understand in a much deeper way, why and how he was doing the things he did. I could follow his path, because I can relate in a great way why he did stuff. It just made perfect sense. If you are interested in Virgils Story, send me a DM or Email. I am more than happy to send you a compilation of articles I have saved for you to read. How are you feeling when you think about Virgil Abloh and the way he started and developed Off-White?  

Oh Rhude, baby! I can still remember the day perfectly, when I read the first article about Ruigi. Ruigi is the founder and designer of one of my favorite brands Rhude. I was reading scrolling through Forbes Magazine and found this super interesting article about him and his story. For me this was groundbreaking. It really made me think: “well, I have so many different T-shirts, Hoodies, Jackets, Shoes, and obviously I like them at the time, but what do they really mean to me now?” Ruigi took me on a journey, helped me understanding why he is doing and designing the things he is designing.  That's the top reason why I am a huge fan of his brand Rhude today. 

Nowadays, with almost all my new purchases, I am not only buying the product itself, but I am also buying the story behind the brand or the designer.  

The second reason why I am buying stuff more consciously is going hand-in-hand with the first one. 

2. The Fabrics  

Until two years ago, I did not care much about the fabrics that have been used to produce clothing items. I had no idea about different garments and their impact on ecological resources. I could not distinguish between a good high value fabric or an average one. Do you know how much water it needs to produce a T-Shirt? Have you ever thought about how clothing is actually produced?  

To me, understanding garments is not that easy, as I never learned anything about it. However, it has become more and more of my interest lately. Hugely effected, since many star designers incorporate organic, sustainable or fair fabrics into their products. Actually nowadays, there is not one item I am buying, without studying the fabrics used to produce it. Luckily many of my favorite Street Stlye brands are using sustainable garments (e.g. T-Shirts from organic cotton) for their items. One of the advantages of organic cotton is, that you need much less water? to produce a T-shirt compared to one out of regular cotton. That being said, the whole production of organic cotton clothing is much more environmentally friendly. I figured out, that in general clothing made out of organic cotton tend to be more pricey, as it takes more steps to produce it. Personally, this is a totally acceptable additional cost. 

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