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Watch Out! These are the top 5 newcomer Streetstyle brands in 2021

Mar 04, 2021

2020 and 2021 might be remembered as the years where the pandemic ruled, but that certainly was not the case in the fashion industry. Although many brands were forces to close the doors of their stores, they quickly switched to online sales. When the time came for the fashion weeks, the designers took an online approach, making virtual and digital runway shows that presented their new designs and novelties. This was also a great time for the new and emerging designers to take their time, do market research, and focus on their lines and collection.

One of the fashion styles that are pretty popular lately is the street style. It has come as an inspiration for future trends, and in high-end fashion, it is promoted and supported b many fashionistas and the it-girls. However, there is another direction of the street style, and that is the one that focuses on the comfortability of the garments, with nice incorporation of the elegant and trendy into the sporty style. This is the modern take of the street style, where lots of popular fashion brands are catering to the audience with this fashion orientation, by creating limited-edition apparel and sneakers. 

Streetstyle has always been considered as a mixture of streetwear and hip hop, with a tone of aesthetic experience and vibe and cutting edge pop art. In those terms, streetwear continues to dominate and to e present in the fashion industry. At the end of 2019, lots of brands were announced as the holders of the future streetwear style, but only these 5 came on top. 


1. Equihua

Equihua was founded by Brenda Equihua, and you can certainly see the resemblance in the name there. The focus of the brand was to channel the Chicanx culture for a cross-cultural set of outerwear pieces, that are both traditional and contemporary. What made this brand dominant and recognized was the approach of turning cobijas into vibrant and warm outerwear pieces that took over all the fashionistas hungry for something new and unseen. From that moment on, the brand has products cobija-wrapped accessories like scrunchies and hoop earrings that wonderfully distinct the design style of San Marcos and deliver a nice update for the new generation. 

(Source: Winkreport / Source: equihua)

2. Extra Vitamins

The name of this brand comes just as what we were hearing throughout the entire 2020 – extra vitamins. By the first notion, you can simply expect a splash and pop of color and vibrancy that will make a boom on the streetwear style. Extra Vitamins is a brand that offers psychedelic tie-dye clothes with deep and vivid colors. The accent here is put on the saturated colors and the trend of the tie-dye print itself. Each of the garments holds very busy graphics in their design, bold fonts, and shifting colorways that wonderfully combine and mix the hippie with the skater's aesthetic. It is done in a way that was not seen before, making Extra Vitamins instantly popular in the fashion market. Overall, this streetwear brand is leaning towards more psychedelic design and putting a shade on the previous new minimalist designs and trends. 

(Source: Casual Fridays)

3. Gelareh Mizrahi

starting with Chanel and learning from the best is certainly a thing that comes highly appreciated in the fashion industry, especially if you are just starting in the fashion business. As a student of Parsons The New School of Design, Galareh Mizrahi rose to a brand that revolves around the personality of the artist itself. She made a name for herself starting with the tiny and colorful handbags, and developing a cult of clutch carrying fans and that have to regard her handbags. This was something coolest done so far, and definitely gained attention. Since the success with the bags was huge, Galareh moved onto a variety of apparel pieces that are founded on that playful approach to color and design that she also previously had. 

(Source: Pinterest)


4. Rhude

Rhude is quite new fashion apparel, leaving the top of its popularity in 2020. Although it was founded in 2015 in LA, it is only now coming to light. The brand was created from the mind of Rhuigi Villasenor and came as a result of his love for history and art, combining American iconography and nostalgia. All of that was spiced up with inventive designs that look timeless. This is a brand that the Supreme and Palace fans will adore because their current art direction shares the same aesthetic. 

(Source: aliexpressmostoles) 

5. Come back as a flower

Come back as a flower is a brand that is named after Stevie Wonder's song of the same name. It was founded and designed as an Eco-conscious label in LA. The popularity quickly made it a favorite among the hippie-leaning rappers like A$AP Rocky. The signature looks of the brand come with the psychedelic tone, as one hand-dyed sweatshirt, sweats, and T-shirts made of 100% recycled cotton. This is a brand that is totally and entirely focused on sustainability and being eco-friendly. 

(Source: Urban Outfitters)

For all those of you who are looking to add a tone and streetstyle vibe into your outfits, these 5 fashion brands will definitely grow even bigger and more popular, making them a top choice in terms of originality and looks. Streetwear style is becoming more and more popular, and as seen as in the large fashion brands and houses, it will certainly continue to grow and develop, covering a large proportion of the fashion consumers and fans. 


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