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Reasons why writing blog makes you better at your regular job

Aug 19, 2020

How did all of this start? In mid 2019, I was out for dinner with my dear friend Andrej Mangold (The German Bachelor from 2019) in Berlin. He very proudly told me that he just came back from his personal training gym session with one of the best PTs in the city, his old friend Eugen. Being most out of shape ever in my life, looking at super fit Andrej was embarrassing but the long awaited waking up call to me. 

But why am I telling you this? Well, this evening basically changed my whole daily routine since then. I met with superstar PT Eugen, I liked him, his views and his approach a lot, hence we developed a personal plan for me. Besides changing my sports and eating behaviors, Eugen realized quickly that I also have some problems with sleep, in fact, I slept too many hours. 

In the next couple of weeks, I was waking up at 6:30 am in the morning to do my workout, before going to work. After work, meeting friends or having dinner, it was that time of the day where I usually went to do sports - well, if you can call chilling and Instagramming in the gym so. However, with the help of Eugen and my new routine, I all of a sudden had some free time in the evenings. 

Fashion and Football (Soccer) are my two biggest passions. After a couple of days into my new behaviors, I realized that I spend most of my new gained time in the evening in reading, researching, chatting, listening podcasts and interviews about, guess what: Fashion and Football. This is how this whole writing thing started.  

Even though I was, (and still am, but I am getting better, I promise) a terrible writer, I started to write about whatever came into my mind about High Fashion, Street Style Fashion and my not so secret addiction: sneakers. I decided to start writing about the fashion passion over the football one in the first place, as I felt I am less emotional in fashion as I am usually in football. 

Before I (finally) get to the 5 reasons why starting and writing an own blog makes you (and me as well) better at your job, I want to share with you what my job actually is. Since over 4 years, I am working as a full-time employee at Facebook Germany, looking as a Strategic Partner Manager after all Celebrities and Influencers in Central Europe. Hence, I have the honor of working with very diverse, highly creative, engaging and successful partners.  

Ok, but now, let’s finally bring everything together. Which influence does a new daily routine, more time for passions and interests and starting to write, have on a regular job? 

1. Better sleep quality 

Do you have struggles with sleeping or your sleeping routine in general? Even though I slept long hours, I didn’t sleep well. I woke up many times at night and had huge trouble falling asleep in the first place, as I caught myself many times lying in bed reflecting about my (work) day. 

According to my new habits, the last thing I do before going to bed now is writing (at least one paragraph). Why am I doing this? Well, first of all, I want to get better at it. Moreover, I started appreciating this form of self-expression to a huge deal and lastly, I am sleeping much better. I am almost never waking up anymore and my problems to be able not to fall asleep quickly – gone. As writing, mostly handwriting on paper, calms me down, I am not starring into a screen and I feel relaxed doing it. I suggest you trying it out. 

As a matter of fact, after reading my story, it is not hard to believe that this whole lifestyle change must have positive implications on my core job, as well. True, however, I am a different human since I have a good night sleep and all of a sudden have a lot more "power" at work. 

2. Effective (written) Communication  

I´ve recently talked to a CEO of a major German organization. He told me almost his whole story of how he started as a young graduate in this company, working his way up the ladder to now being on top of the pyramid, leading more than 5000 people as the CEO. Besides many other success factors, he mentioned he would not be where he was today without efficient, effective and thought through written (internal and external) communication.  Precise, Polite and Goal oriented.  

When you are looking at your sent emails, do you feel the same way I am feeling? I had to start laughing! Not on point, not precise, mostly polite, though. Daily writing, rewriting, structuring and restructuring articles about helps you to become more effective and efficient in your written communication. 

3. Creativity 

I am blessed to work with an incredible creative team inside Facebook but also with outstanding creative minds in my role as a partner manager. It is extremely inspiring to work with Public Figures and Content Creators, including fashion designers, models and fashion influencers, on a day to day base. Especially, one thing almost each and every one of them has in common, is their outstanding creativity, which I always envied. 

Would you describe yourself as being creative? Do you have crazy ideas in your mind? Well, I certainly didn’t. Given my new daily writing habit, with all its necessary preparations and research in order to create something valuable, made me to a great deal more creative. Feeling motivated and filled with fresh thoughts, I am now able to pro-actively suggest out of the box ideas to partners at work. This not only makes me a more valuable to them, but also enhances my trust and credibility.  

4. Trust / Credibility  

As just mentioned, trust and credibility are essential for me to do a good job and being valuable for my partners at work. Being more creative and finding new approaches and solutions helps building trust and credibility.  

What helps you to achieve this, is becoming an expert in their field of interests, in this case fashion. How do you do it? For example, If you want to write an article about a new high fashion brands marketing campaign, or the new Offwhite x Nike collaboration, the first thing you need to do is research. I felt, the only way to add value to what I write, is if I was able to really go into detail and become an expert in what I want to write about. Being able to integrate this knowledge in your core job (in my case with leading Designers or Fashion influencers), takes trust and credibility to the next level. 

5. Stronger Relationships  

In all fairness, point five does not have anything to do with writing per se. Nevertheless, it is the sum of combining point 1 to 4 together: all the points lead to better relationships with your colleagues and external partners at work. As for our business life, this also counts for our private life. A better, stronger, more harmonic relationship sparks joy much more than the other way around. Do you agree? 

Given this is the first ever article in my (public) blog about High Fashion, Street Style and Sneaker News, I guess you miss one concrete thing, the article didn’t have anything to do with Fashion at all. This will change with the next articles. Today, it was important for me that you understand my motivations, my emotions and my background of why I started to write about my passion. 

Do you want a little sneak-peak on what to expect in the next couple of articles? Well, here you go: 

  • My Mum is a fashion designer, how did her talking 365 – 24 – 7 about fashion influence me 

  • Top reasons how I choose what high fashion brands and items I purchase and why I became much more distinct in my purchasing decisions 

  • An evaluation of three limited edition sneakers in H1 2020 and why one of them will very likely break several records 


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