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What are the early 2021 fashion must-haves?

Feb 22, 2021

For the fashionistas, fashion lovers, it-girls, and trendsetters, the beginning of each new year is the beginning of a new set of trends that will be popular in the fashion department. Each new season brings a variety of different styles, colors, and trends that are expected to be seen all around the streets in the world. Fashion is versatile and colorful, a form of art. Because of that, there is a lot of creativity that stands behind each and every design and trend that appears in the fashion market.

2021 is labeled as the year of new beginnings, a fresh start for many industries including the fashion one. Although it is one of the most colorful and changing departments, fashion has suffered a bit of setback due to the appearance of the pandemic. Be as it is, the new trends that are already making an entry this 2021 are here, and for all those of you who want to have a head start, here is what is trending for the beginning of 2021. these are some of the early 2021 must-haves:

Short faux-fur coat

Owning a faux-fur coat is one of the must-have pieces in every women's wardrobe. The popularity of faux fur comes as an excellent choice instead of real fur. For many years, fur have been present and wanted on the fashion scene, because it provides the best possible outwear pieces. The price of the fur is extremely expensive, and since it is coming from real animals, the fashion industry has been targeted. The faux-fur is an excellent choice for those who want to wear fur, but at the same time keep, protect, and respect the rights of the animals. A short faux-fur coat is a fabulous garment that looks very stylish and fashionable, and can easily be styled both in formal and informal outfits and styles. 

(Source: ShopStyle / Pinterest)

Wrap Top

Getting dressed up and delivering a polished look has been something that most women crave for. One of the best fashion clothing garments that deliver an elegant and stylish look is the silk blouses of the shirts. Silk is one of the most beautiful fabrics that feel soft and comfortable on the skin, and the tops that are made of silk are truly delivering an elegant and chic look. For a fashionable start to 2021, choosing a silk top is a must, but not anyone. The best and the suggested choice is the wrap top. This type of top has a knotted wrap upfront which is the detail and the accessory that is more than enough for a stylish and polished look.

(Source: Etsy/ The Slow Label)

Leather shoulder bag

Not just for the start of 2021, but every woman needs at least one good leather shoulder bag. There is an abundance of different shoulder bags from different brands that will satisfy all the varied and different tastes. A nice leather bag will go a long way. The length of the shoulder strap can be a personal choice as well as the color of the leather. If you already own the classic black and brown, now is just the right time to add a pop of color and get ready for the spring. 

Crepe blazer

If you are looking for an elegant and utterly stylish piece that will work on many occasions, then, it is just the right time to find some timeless blazer. A white blazer is a piece that is always needed, and this spring, it will wonderfully fit in many different outfits. The white blazer can look elegant with smart pants or jeans, whichever the occasion. Pick one with medium length, without buttoning, and nice lapels that will flatter your figure.

 (Source: Bluejeans-Whitshirt)

Mid-rise skinny jeans

A nice pair of mid-rise skinny jeans goes a long way. It is the type of jeans that will find its function on many different occasions but most commonly in the relaxed and sporty styles. Every fashionista needs a pair of these jeans in their wardrobe, and the options today are quite numerous. You can choose between black, blue, or grey denim, and the suggested length on the legs can reach the ankles or something above them. This is a timeless piece and will find its way in many spring outfits. 

(Source: Lookastic)

Off-shoulder dress

The unique beauty and the appearance that comes from wearing an off-shoulder dress can hardly be compared to any other one. Owning such a piece is proof that elegance and trends can go well hand in hand, especially in a form of a fabulous dress. The off-shoulder top always delivers a sexy and fancy look. The best type of dress is the one that comes with a wide baloney sleeve and a straight cut. The length can reach the knees or just somewhere above them. It can be styled with boots, flats, or heels, which makes it a super multi-functional fashion piece. 

Hooded sweatshirt

The comfortability and the coziness that a sweatshirt delivers is something that was the biggest consolation during and the time spent at home. As part of the loungewear and the sports attire, the hooded sweatshirt is a piece that easily becomes a favorite and signature style for many that are flaunting the relaxed style. Although only one piece might not do the work, it is always great to have that favorite hooded oversized sweatshirt that you can wear everywhere. 

(Source: Harpers Bazaar)

These are just some of the early fashion must-haves that should become a part of your wardrobe. Whether you prefer the elegance of the casual style, the new fashion entries are tailored to satisfy all different tastes and at the same time, flaunt the latest trends. Get inspired to do some shopping and find the picks that will work best for you this 2021.

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