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Which handbags are pure investment options and how did their price develop in the last years?

Feb 16, 2021

An ordinary person cannot buy an expensive bag. That simply comes because of the lack of the budget. The expensive bags are usually the luxury bags, coming from the luxury fashion house, and they are also called designer bags. However, lately, there has been a trend of buying and looking for some rare bags that have increased value. People and fashion addicts started to invest in these types of handbags because they hold their value or increase in market value. They are also called investment handbags.
The investment bags are those bags that can give more or the same price that was paid initially when buying the bag and that price also depends on the condition of the bag. There are different handbags that are considered investment handbags, and they all come from these three famous brands: Hermes, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton. 

Hermes bags

Hermes is a French luxury house that was founded back in 1837. Back then, its main work was to create unique garments out of the finest leather that had impeccable style and stitching. In 1990, the company started making fine horse saddles and accessories, still maintaining the quality of the leather on the highest possible level, as well as paying extra attention to the details like the craftsmanship and the stitching. It was then when Hermes designed their first handbag "the Haut a Courroires" intended to carry saddles. In 1922, the first leather handbag was created which was the start of the newer and modern history for the brand. 
As a brand, Hermes values and appreciates people with high fashion sense, who are buying their leather goods because they appreciate the work, the patience, and the extraordinary time and quality that is put into each piece. Today, it is a highly established and valued brand, whose handbags' price ranges from £1500 to thousands of pounds. Hermes's handbags are not produced in high quantities and cannot be purchased in just any store. There is simply no availability. What makes them even more unique, is that they never go on sale, and the only place that they could be found at a cheaper price is on the pre-loved market. 
Because of all of the above-mentioned, their value only grows more with time, making them investment pieces. 

 (Source: Tatler Philippines / Hypebae)
Chanel bags

Chanel is a French luxury brand that was created in 1910 by Gabrielle Chanel. From the moment it was founded to today, the brand holds a remarkable history and has maintained a well-known and appreciated luxury house. It is one of the most appreciated and highly-valued luxury fashion brands on the market that captivates with its uniqueness and originality in every fashion aspect. When it comes to handbags, Chanel handbags are one of the most well-known, popular, desired, and looked for handbags on the entire fashion market. The first Chanel handbag was made in 1929 for upper-class women. It was a handheld bag. In February 1955 Gabrielle Chanel launched the iconic 2.55 quilted handbag that was a shoulder hed version. That was the crucial moment that changed the history of the bag forever. From that moment on, women changed the way they were carrying their bags, which is the way it still is today. 
Back in 1955, the bag cost $220. For that time, it was quite a high price. Compared to January 2017, the same bag cost £4,450. The reason for this increased price is inflation of course, but there is also another factor and that is the cost of labor. To keep up the value and the status of the brand, there has to be prestige pricing. Although not as expensive as Hermes, Chanel is most definitely heading to a price of £1,000 which makes them more than investment pieces. 

(Source: Popsugar / KIIS Sydney / Vogue)

Louis Vuitton bags

Another French brand that comes high up on the luxury scale of investment bags is Louis Vuitton. The brand was founded in 1854 and is known for its excellent craftsmanship and the quality of the items that can last for a lifetime. The quality of the leather is what makes the bags extraordinary and classic, and of course, an investment that should not be missed. The price of the bags from this brand is constantly on the rise, without discounts and no outlet stores. The only way for one to score a cheaper LV bag is to visit the pre-loved market, where there is a lot of new and used bags. 
LV is one of the brands that are simply adored by famous persons and celebrities, which only adds to the increase in their value. Some of the LV choices have grown to timeless classics, and some come in limited editions. Overall, owning an LV bag is certainly a good investment that pays off, and its price will continue to rise. 

 (Source: Departures / Couture USA / Designer-Vintage)

From the top three brands mentioned above, these are the most demanded, popular, stylish, hard-to-get, expensive investment pieces that make the money worth it:
1. The Hermes Birkin
2. The Hermes Kelly
3. The Chanel Classic Flap Bag
4. The Chanel Boy Bag
5. The Louis Vuitton Neverfull
As mentioned before, these are the most valued bags from the above-mentioned 3 luxury fashion brands. For those who are in for the game and looking to splurge, this is an investment that someone considers safer than the stocks. These bags will never lose their value, and if it ever comes the time you want to sell some of these, then you will most certainly profit out. 


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