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Are Digital Fashion Shows still a thing in 2021?

Mar 01, 2021

Time flies fast. That might be a true saying in the normal world, but with everything that was happening during 2020, nothing is for certain anymore. With the appearance of the pandemic, many things and routines became greatly changed and modified to function by keeping social distance. As the world has not seen anything quite like this in the newer history, the advances and improvement in technology have delivered and showed remarkable results in many areas.

As many industries were forces to completely change their approach to what they have been doing so far, some have found some alternative channels. The fashion industry is one of those industries that was forced to change its direction and dynamics. As the pandemic appeared and hit the world in March 2021, just in time for the biggest fashion weeks and fashion runways around the world, the houses and the stores were forced to close their doors, completely cancel the events in general and look for a new way how will they promote and bring the new fashion for the fashion lovers and considers.

How it all started?

As mentioned, it started right in the time for the fashion weeks. Those who were quick to find a solution were the first to present their fashion novelties online. An in no other way than holding virtual and digital fashion runways. Some of the most popular fashion designers asked for the help of the digital teams and managed to incorporate their creative work in digital form. This was something unseen and unused by then. The newest collections, alongside the garments, accessories, footwear, and makeup were completely depicted in a digital form. This was the start of the trend of the digital shows – the only way where the customers and the fashion lovers would have been able to enjoy the runways as closely and truly as possible. 

The situation followed through the entire year, although some of the measures were loosened up. However, bigger gatherings like fashion weeks remained unallowed so the digital fashion shows became a thing. Soon came the summer, and it was the peak of the pandemic. Now, more than ever, the fashion industry put the effort to try out the new digital trend and keep its loyal customer updated on what is coming. Although the sales might have not been so great, people were eager to see something new in fashion and not think of the pandemic. 

With the help of graphic design, many fashion designers uploaded their fashion shows on their websites, delivering and presenting the newest trends. This was something unseen, but it was widely accepted. It was the perfect way to keep the fashion lovers on top of the new trends, and without the physical appearance, to deliver the fashion runways into their homes.

Will digital shows still be a thing in 2021?

The situation will hopefully get back to the normals we know, and the true and the real fashion weeks and the runways will resume their path. Until then, one can only hope. However, the digital shows open a new direction into the fashion world, making the impossible possible and delivering something new. 

2021 will most likely be the year where the most of the fashion industry, because of precaution, will keep the trend of displaying virtual fashion shows. Since some of the measures are loosened up, as already mentioned, these virtual runways might be a bit modified. So far, the virtual and digital runways presented virtual models, in 3D appearance that are presented wearing the latest fashion garments and accessories. The new take on the digital shows this year might include real models. These models would walk the runway, in real clothes, but that will be done without the presence of the public and it will be filmed and uploaded on the designer's web pages. Whether this will happen or the old way will remain to dominate the digital fashion trends, only time will tell. 

Overall, the fashion crows were satisfied with the new approach that the designers found to show the new collections and the trends. While spending time at home, quarantined, fashion lovers found a new way how to perceive and appreciate fashion. As many have stated, fashion will become more digital or more physical, depending on the evolution of the pandemic. 

The physical presence and the entire happenings revolving around the fashion runways and weeks have been highly profitable for many connecting industries, and all of those have been highly inflicted by the hit of the pandemic. That all was lost with the digital shows and virtual runways, but the hope is that everything will get back to normal even if it is done with half the capacity.

So fat, there have been several fashion runways in Milan, that have been held in an open area, with physical distance among the attendees, and face masks were mandatory. Will this continue and reflect in other fashion capital or will the new-old digital approach continue, there is yet to be seen. Whichever the case, people miss socializing at fashion events, and the fashion runways and weeks have been a big part of the fashion industry. 

(Source: Page Six)

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