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The best Denims and why you should have them in your closet?

Feb 01, 2021

Denim is one of the fabrics that will never go out of style. Fashionable and trendy, season after season, denim is a much desired and needed part of ones' fashion outfit. In the past, denim was closely and solely associated with the cowboys as their signature attire, they would wear denim shirts and jeans because they were very durable, comfortable, and easy to maintain. From that time on, denim has become an important piece of the fashion industry and no season can go by without including some new denim look.

As the trends and different influences reflected on the denim as a fabric, the fashion industry started to provide, create, and design more and more denim pieces that simply broadened the denim offer. And not just garments, but also colors too. Today, there are lots of different denim colors that come on different garments and make the denim even more timeless.

When it comes to the "denims" itself and which pieces are a must in one's closet, here is a list of the all-time favorite and fashionable pieces that every woman should own in her closet.

Black jeans

As strange as it sounds, black denim is a very popular and demanded option, especially when it comes as part of the jeans. The fashion trends over the last few years have put quite a great accent on the black jeans options because black, as a color, is classic and neutral. It styles great with everything and it also has a slimming visual effect that many women find crucial to the good look. Additionally, black denim, in the form of skinny jeans is the best possible option that one can look for. The skinny black jeans are popular and demanded fashion piece because they can work in many different outfits and styles. In this version, the denim can come in a thicker or thinner version, depending on the season. Whichever the case, the black denim skinny jeans will most certainly grow into a must-have fashion piece that one woman's closet cannot be imagined without.


 (Source: justthedesign.com)

Denim jacket

One other denim piece that was very trendy and fashionable this past season was the denim jacket. The denim jacket, like many other denim pieces, changed with the trends. In the 70s and the 80s, the straight denim jacket was the popular thing. The 90s and the 00s put an accent on embellishments, embroidery, and other details that made the denim jacket more modern and interesting. Over the last decade, the denim jacket changed a lot, featuring cropped version, over-sized version, boyfriend version, and so on. However, as a rule, the retro and the vintage styles come as the most popular ones, so if you have to choose one type of denim jacket that certainly has to become a part of your closet, opt for the straight retro denim jacket.


(Source: thejeansblog.com)

Denim shorts

Another piece on the list of must-have denims is the denim shorts. It is a piece that holds its popularity from the ‘90s. Back then, it was the trendiest shorts on the market and there was simply a denim shorts fever among the girls. As the times passed, the denim shorts slowly became and rose to a piece that you absolutely cannot go wrong with. The variations in the design and its look changed as the seasons changed, but it remained recognizable and wanted garment. There are denim shorts with row, medium or high rise, denim that comes in all possible colors as well as styles and cuts.

(Source: Glam Radar)

Straight-leg classic jeans

The classic straight-leg jeans are a piece that one woman's closet cannot be imagined without. Also, they are the most recognizable and popular denim and they somehow hold the position of the all-time favorite denim. Although the jeans, in general, have changed a lot and adapted to the needs of its consumers on the market, the straight-leg jeans have remained the most required, desired, and popular piece that delivers a fabulous outfit in every style. The ones that are a must-have are the classic blue jeans, but today, owning a pair in every denim color possible is more than acceptable and cool.

(Source: Live About)

Denim skirt

The denim skirt has had its stylish comeback during the last few seasons. Just like the denim shorts, its popularity shifted according to the change of trends, but now, it is back. A comfortable, interesting, and cute choice for all the relaxed and unofficial events, the denim skirts delivers a more feminine style that cannot be matched. It is a very demanded and cool summer piece that is greatly advertised by the fashionistas and it-girls are a must-have piece. The cut and the model of the denim skirts vary. It can come in a variety of rises, as well as lengths and cuts. There is quite an offer on the market considering its popularity and different body types and shapes. It certainly is a piece that every woman should own in her summer closet.

(Source: Just the Design)

These are easily the 5 must-have types of denim that a woman should own in her closet. Each of them holds a unique style and fashionability that makes it a needed and wanted piece. Denim is a casual fabric, that creates unofficial, sporty, and relaxed looks. It is a suitable and great option for everyone willing to mix different styles with a pop of denim.

Denim never goes out of style and these pieces will certainly remain denim classics. So if you are looking to add some all-time denim favorites to your wardrobe, consider these suggestions a great start to your Classic denim collection.

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