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I am based in Berlin, but travel for work and pleasure around the world.

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About me

I am a full time Facebook Germany employee working with public figures and creators throughout Central Europe. Besides work, I have two big passions: Fashion and Sports. To detach from work, I've decided in early 2020 to start my own blog writing about the latest high fashion and street style topics, the area of fashion that I am most interested in.

Many of my friends keep asking me about fashion brands, styles or releases. Since I established a daily routine of scanning through the latest blog entries, magazines and social media profiles of everything fashion related, anyways, I've decided to send them daily newsletters with the top news. Well, that escalated quickly and today I established a solid number of newsletter subscribers and daily readers.



What I curate for you:

Daily top picks from over 300 leading fashion magazines, blogs and social media profiles delivered straight to your inbox - always for free!

The focus is on Female & Male high fashion and streetstyle trends, fashion business news & releases of upcoming must-have items.

What I write about:

My opinion about new campaign releases, latest sneaker pricing evaluations, interviews with leading personalities in the fashion industry or my personal top 10 fashion bloggers out there. 

Everything you, a high fashion and street style enthusiast, will hopefully enjoy reading.


Daniel Kramer, Founder dailyfashion



So, what do you get here?

A personally curated, free, daily newsletter from the global top sources of the fashion world straight to your inbox. 
This will help you step up your fashion knowledge to another level.

An insight into my views and thoughts in the field of high fashion & street style.





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Daily Top picks from over 400 leading Fashion Magazines, Blogs and Social Media profiles delivered straight to your inbox - always for free!